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For the rebuilding of Bordeaux Cathedral Grand Organ
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cathedral is the most visited monument in Bordeaux. Hundreds and even thousands of people are attending its cultural events and concerts, including a significant number of organ recitals featuring talented performers from all around the world. 
By its religious function, it is the largest place of worship in the South-West of France and it welcomes thousands of faithful people during important celebrations. 
We are discovering again the beauty of this monument thanks to the restoration work over the last few decades. The great organ is featured among the important works of art of this cathedral. One can admire the impressive 18th century wooden case, one of the largest of France. This facade hides an instrument built in the 1970s, suffering from design mistakes, poor quality materials and dust due to the work in the building. In spite of its poor condition and notoriety among musicians, the organ is the tool of a rich musical diffusion. 
Today, the organ needs considerable work. The latest technical studies explain that the most viable solution was to build a new organ within the historic case. 
It is a unique opportunity to build an organ of this importance in France, a work of art for the music, musicians and public, for the intarnational standing of the town, and that could be a tool for contemporary creation and renewal of musical art. 
A high quality musical instrument is essential for a musician who need to express freely his art, perform and share the music in the best possible way.  
We want, for Bordeaux cathedral, a musical instrument that enthusiams and dazzles both musicians and audiences, that marks its time, that is sustainable, successful, that travels throughout the centuries, a new organ that would be significant enough that it would be preserved by next generations. 
We hope that Bordeaux and its region will finally have the great cathedral organ they deserve! 

Why a new organ?
Currently, the organ needs very important work. It was built in the 1970s during an unfavorable situation. This organ has never given any satisfaction and has a significant number of technical and musical deficiencies with poor quality materials. Its restoration would be far too expensive and the musical result in quite uncertain.
The project
Under the management of the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs, the project consists in building a new instrument within the refurbished historic case. To make it short: creation of a great 21st century European organ, in a new and homogeneous aesthetic synthesis, taking into account the acoustic features of the building. Once finished, the organ will be one of the most important in the country.
The aesthetic line
· An analysis of a rich and instructive history 
· An instrument made according to the highest qualitative criteria 
· Sound characteristics retained for their adequacy to the building acoustic 
· Taking into account the heritage of the organs of the area 
· An organ adapted to the liturgy and solo or ensemble concert 
· An European organ falling within the 21st century in a new aesthetic synthesis 
The schedule
- 2017 to 2020: fundraising 
- 2017: selection of the expert 
- 2018: preliminary studies 
- 2019: tender process 
- 2020: start of construction work 
- 2023: inauguration of the new organ
Iconography of the cathedral organ
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